Friday, January 2, 2009

In retrospect

I have not been very good, lately, about keeping up on this blog.  I probably have lost the 3 readers that I had collected...but, oh well, I realize that this is more of an outpouring of my thoughts for no one in particular.

Anyway, I thought it would be good for my soul to look back on 2008 and acknowledge my favorite memories.  I struggled through the last month of December which tainted my view of the entire past year.  This December was pretty much hell, let me tell you....but as for the rest of the prior year, I must embrace that which was good.

~Dude, I had a baby!!!  Duh that is, by far, the MOST amazing prize-winning treasure of 2008.  She is beautiful and healthy and just fabulous....her strong particular personality and all!
~I have wonderful memories of spending a good majority of last year pregnant.  Oddly enough, I LOVED being pregnant...never felt better, healthier, and more beautiful in my life!
~We bought our lovely home....what a true blessing it is to own a home in the quaint little town of Cannon Beach.
~My lovely sister got engaged!!!  
~I developed my love and passion for homemaking and started my quest for simplicity and natural living, to the extreme.
~Started building a dream for an independent community with one of my best friends...praying that the Lord might open a door for that in a few years.
~Celebrated my 30th birthday!
~Celebrated my 3rd year of marriage to the MOST amazing man I could find on this earth!
~Made a new friend, here on the coast, who has turned out to be such a true blessing and answer to prayer!
~And, I got a beautiful cherry red KitchenAid mixer to make bread with for Christmas!

Those are just a few highlights that I can remember at the moment.  I hope everyone is able to sit back and glance at the good memories of the last year, forgetting the ones that brought you down.  Let's look ahead at this coming year with hope and ambition to make it great!


Julie Kohl said...

Ahh, thanx for the reminder to "Thank God" and focus on all He has done. I am sorely void of that right now. I love you, my dot. ~Mee Ma

Janeen said...

Oh my gosh, she looks like a tiny doll in that photo! Ad-or-ab-le!