Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm here...

I realized that when I am uber super busy and have soooo much on my mind, I have less to write about.  Even when I have the occasional moment to write something.  I sit and stare at the computer and try to filter through what sounds most interesting.  I procrastinate.  And, then I neglect to write on here, altogether.  I need to just sit down and pour out my thoughts...this is my journal, right?  I need to keep reminding myself that I don't have to have anything eloquent to say in order to post a blog.  Who cares anyway, right?

So, instead of focusing on one topic, I thought I'd just recap what's been going on over here...just to organize my thoughts, if anything.

Well, there was the Bachelorette party weekend for my sister in Lincoln City.  The Baby shower for my dear friend in Vancouver.  The pondering of ideas for a career move for my husband.  The stressful dealing with a recurring ear infection that turned into a rash pouring out of my ear....that revealed that I have frickin' candida after visiting the naturopath 2x and going to urgent care.  The stress over a new diet that I have to adopt and new recipes to find without sugar, dairy, wheat, and most fermented foods.....ugh.  Trying to remain faithful to my commitment to the season of Lent.  Working through some emotional stress in our marriage.  A very intense weekend of wedding festivities, from a Rehearsal dinner to venue setup to arranging floral bouquets to calming the bride to walking down the aisle and choking up over the fact that my dear sister finally found her Prince Charming in the most wonderful man, named Jeremy.  Visiting our best friends who have moved into a community house with another family in Portland, see here for their new blog.  

And, now...now, we have absolutely nothing on our plate for the next few weeks.  And, that feels great.  Because, now I need to focus on my family.  I need to focus more intently on my health.  This nasty rash on my ear (gross, weird, I KNOW!) still needs to clear up.  I need to figure out some appealing foods that I can eat that are safe while trying to wade through the ridiculously hard battle against candida (yeast overgrowth in your body, for those who are unfamiliar with it).  I have been diagnosed with candida before and I just despise it...I despise that it is supposedly sooo prevalent and sooo easy to fall prey to and sooo hard to kill.  I question the diagnosis at times...but I guess I have nothing else to go off of.  I suppose I should write a more complete post on what exactly this crazy thing called candida really is.
But, I realize that after listing the stresses of my pa
st few weeks I should close this with something positive.  Some things to be thankful for amidst the hardships.  So, here goes...

Today I am thankful for:
~ The time change, for now Vienne is sleeping in 'til 7:30 by the new clock and the rest of our days are working out much more smoothly.
~ On that note, she has also been a great sleeper lately and if you are a mother you know how crucial that is.
~ My new time in the Word that I have discovered each morning.
~ A loving and amazing husband who took complete care of our daughter while I hopped around fulfilling wedding duties all weekend 
long...who loves to help me in the kitchen...who vacuums on his own whim...who rises with Vienne in the morning to spend precious daddy/daughter time while I sleep...who counsels me in wisdom when I over-react with selfish emotion to outside circumstances...who sets an example of selflessness to me...
~ That my sister is happily married to a most amazing young man whom I am proud to call Brother.
~ That we can buy the foods we need to eat healthy.
~ And, I am always always thankful for this beautiful place we are privileged to live in and this most precious daughter I have been blessed with...check out that face!


Pink Dogwood said...

Sorry to hear about the candida - guess you'll be upping your garlic consumption big time, eh? I'll be home soon and hope we can get together. Can't wait to see how big V is...

Janeen said...

Ah, Darling that sounds AWFUL! Yucko is right. Does your home made soba (drink thing) add to your symptoms? I knew someone who had that and couldn't have coffee or black tea... weird huh? But you probably already knew that. How is your girl doing with snackin' at Mom's through all this?
Glad to hear that you are getting your time alone with God in the mornings!

I will lift you up in prayer sweetie. Have a great day tomorrow!

Lacey said...

SO what sorts of things are you changing in your diet? I'm just curious. I'll be praying that you can get past the rash/candida nastiness. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this again! I'm hoping to come see you soon... or you come to see me soon... either way, I feel like we need to have more time together!!

Julie Kohl said...

I love that little face. I need to hug V. Now. But...alas...distance. Hoping for a visit during your birthday week. I love you, my dot.