Tuesday, May 19, 2009

8 things

Just another one of those silly little questionnaires to pass the time...

8 Things I Am Looking Forward to:

1. Sunny weather
2. Planting my vegetable garden and getting a grassy yard area growing
3. Anyone to come and visit us!
4. Getting my hair trimmed soon
5. My grape kombucha to finish brewing
6. What the coming year may hold for us
7. Throwing Lacey's baby shower
8. Meeting my little niece that is brewing inside her belly!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Cleaned up the house
2. Threw a mini temper tantrum over Vienne's 30 minute (WAY too short) nap
3. Visited Mark at work
4. Had a friend come to visit and chat about homebirths
5. Rejoiced over Vienne's 2 1/2 hour afternoon nap to make up for the morning one.
6. Realized that she's in the depths of painful teething still
7. Made a lame dinner
8. Watched 'Dancing with the Stars'

8 Things That Bring Me Peace and Comfort

1. Reading
2. Quiet morning time, on the porch, in the sun with an iced coffee
3. Staring at our ocean and breathing in the salty breeze
4. Spending time with my mom
5. Good worship
6. Prayer 
7. Knowing that I've been productive
8. A date with my husband


Janeen said...

Ya know, if we lived closer to each other we'd probably be hanging out and laughing like girlfriends do! We share many similiar things and there's enough different stuff to keep it interesting too. ha ha

Lacey said...

I'm excited to have my baby shower too! And to meet the little *one*, I'm not quite ready to make the gender claim... although I'm tempted :)

Julie Kohl said...

I was blessed that spending time with me brings you peace and comfort! Thank you, my bunny-head.