Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Catching Up

I haven't written in awhile. Not sure why. Lack of creativity, I suppose.
What have I really done this past week?

Spent a night in Portland while my husband learned how to scuba dive. Tried to teach myself how to crochet...with much frustration. Celebrated a new birth. Celebrated two new pregnancies. Bottled some pomegranate kombucha. Baked up a strange batch of banana chocolate chip cookies. Watched an adorable movie (Son of should see cute). Started reading a book on vaccinations...a MUST read for all new parents!! Tried to feed my baby some stewed no avail, still. Went to my ladies' Bible Study and developed some kindred spirits. Took a long luxurious bubble bath. Planned my sister's wedding invitations. Enjoyed the Stormy Weather Arts Festival with my little family. Took a morning walk with a friend. Dried some autumn leaves for decoration. Baked some crackers. Made some cozy chicken and brown rice soup. Took a LONG walk in the pouring rain. Laughed at my husband. Giggled with my daughter. Lit candles. Switched on the fire. Turned up Ella Fitzgerald. Cozied on the couch. And marveled at our dark stormy weather.

It's been a good simple week.

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Julie Kohl said...

I love you, my dot. I love reading about what you're doing, since we can not be close, geographically speaking. I love hearing your heart and your passions. I love you.