Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kick That Cold To The Curb

So, I woke up yesterday 'wid a code' .... deep racking sneezes and constant dripping sniffles. Miserable. I hate taking over-the-counter medicines that just temporarily cover up the misery and fill your body with junk. I wanted to kick this thing naturally and quick... avoiding, at all cost, spreading it to my family. So, I pulled out some home remedies that were given to me from my naturopath and researched a few other things to try. I woke this morning, breathing clearly through my nose again, ready to go! Weeeeee!
Thought I'd share what I did:

-Garlic Soup. I got this recipe here, from one of my favorite blogs. I'll post it here:

8 cps. chicken broth
25 cloves of garlic (peeled)
1 TB ginger
1 TB paprika
pinch of red pepper or cayenne
1/2 cp. lemon juice

Place all in a pot and cook until the garlic is soft and then eat it all.
**(I only drank half of this and saved the other half for the next day...8 cps was a bit too much for me! Wooheee, stand back: Dragon breath!)

-Ginger Bath: I filled the tub w/hot water and dumped in a few tablespoons of ginger powder...the more the better. (not sure how much I used, but it was a lot cuz I have a huge soaking tub)
**These are the only two things that I did last night that made a huge difference, but I will also post a few other home remedies that have also helped in the past when the cold/flu is truly nasty.

-Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy: After the hot ginger bath...or just a hot bath, immediately wrap your torso with a towel, that is wet with cold water (rung out). Yes....bbbrrrrrrr!! Then bundle bundle bundle with a big warm blanket. Stay wrapped and bundled for at least 30 minutes. The wet towel should be warm by the time you are done...if it isn't, keep it on until you have warmed the wet towel w/your body. The purpose is to get your body to respond to it, warming itself up. This can be done for your children and babies, as well. I tried this on Vienne at 3 months old and she responded much better than I expected. She actually fell right to sleep once she was bundled. She woke much better in the morning.

-Wet Socks: This ones weird too, but does make a huge difference. First, warm your feet in some warm water (I sit on the bathroom counter, with my feet in the sink). Then cover your feet with cotton socks, that are wet and rung out with cold water. Cover the wet cotton socks with dry wool socks and go to bed. When you wake in the morning the socks should both be dry...which is a good sign, what you want! Once you wrap the wet ones with the dry socks and go to sleep, you don't notice the wet socks at all. It sounds worse than it is. This could be done right at the onset of the cold/flu and it should help to boost your immune system and prevent the cold from getting worse. You can also do this one on your children and it really helps.

-Tiger Balm: I keep Tiger Balm in the medicine cabinet for different purposes. Spread this on your chest before bed...for deep chest colds and difficulty breathing. If you are doing this for your child or baby, smear the balm on an old t-shirt or onesie because the Tiger Balm is pretty strong but is totally safe to be used for them, also.

Here are a few other sources for home remedies: (and, please note that I am just sharing information that I have stumbled across, that has been shared with me, or that I've had success with. I am, in no way, a health professional. Please do research for yourself when you are trying at-home remedies!) - They have a page just for sharing home remedies. - Great information on alternative medicine. You can find info on hydrotherapy here. - Read more about broths and how good they are for your health.

Learn more and get well soon! Throw out that Nyquil and try some healthy at-home cheap remedies that may just kick that cold to the curb way quicker than you ever thought!


Julie Kohl said...

Don't you just rock the casba, my little health guru. I love you and am glad you're all better so quickly!

Lacey said...

Good post friend! I like the garlic soup recipe, and I'm excited to try the cold hydrotherapy stuff you mentioned. My cold is gone now... thanks to copious amounts of chicken stock, homeopathics and essential oils... but Caleb is still strugglin a bit. I'll try some stuff on him!