Saturday, November 29, 2008

Simply Thankful

Thankful for my Lord.  For my incredible husband.  For my most beautiful daughter.  For a warm, lovely home.  For nourishing food to eat.  For so many things.
And for this crazy family of mine...

My mother's lovely table, ready for the feast


Vienne's pretty Thanksgiving outfit husband

Jeremy.  He's special.

If I wasn't in the kitchen, this is where I was.

My sister and her handsome fiance.


Grandpa's glasses don't taste so good.

Have you noticed a theme with this guy?

Vienne and Grandpa.

The beautiful couple.

Oh, there's a pretty smile!

Mom and Jak.

Vienne and Aunt Katy. 

Me and my Mama.

My family. Yup.

Our sweet trio.



Julie Kohl said...

Nice pics, honey. It was a wonderful time with the fam. I love you.

Kathie said...

What a beautiful family! I just found your blog today and look forward to reading more.

Lacey said...

Good pics from family thanksgiving time! Looks like you had a good time.
That blog you were telling me about... I just came across it a few days ago too! Creepy how much we think alike... or websurf alike...