Friday, December 5, 2008

Projects and Stuff

I am proud to say that I have just started to meet some of my recent goals - learning to crochet and collecting glass food containers for my pantry.After a few weeks of frustration, procrastination, and a tangle of yarn, my girlfriend finally intervened and guided my hook and hand in the right direction.  Now, I have completed two wonderful winter hats, for myself and for V.  My next goal is to make a few hats for Christmas gifts.  
I have also ordered the 'Happy Hooker' crochet book and am hoping that it 
will inspire and guide me to some new projects!

Last weekend, when I was in Portland I went on a shopping spree at Goodwill
 and came out with a few great bargains!  I found this beautiful old wooden rocking horse for Vienne for only $7.99!!  This is going to be our Christmas gift for her.
What a steal!  I found the glass storage containers for about $1.99 each.  And, I even
 found some cute Christmas decor for $.99 each. I love bargains!

My husband, Mark, just left yesterday for an 11 day trip to Australia with his dad.  This will be my first time really alone with Vienne.  Last night was the first and it was very difficult.  I am still peeling my lids back from my eyes to work on the computer.  Poor girl is teething and I think that's what may have caused her to wake so often.  I am praying for a better night.

Before my beloved left, he bought me a Christmas tree so that I may be cheered by Christmas festivities in my little home, while he is away. The lights, the fire, the stockings, and Christmas music are really helping.  My Love is so sweet and hid gifts around the house
that I am to open each day he is gone.  My first gift was a Harry Connick Jr. Christmas CD.  If you don't know my husband - he is an uber creative romantic.  

Meeting goals.  Working on Christmas projects. Singing carols.  Baking cookies.  And, remembering to rely on Jesus in my lonely moments.  This is where I'm at.


Kathie said...

The hats are beautiful! I'm a bit jealous of those thrifty finds, too.

Brooke said...

You are a gifted writer, friend!! And I LOVE THE HATS! I want you to make my baby a hat! PLEASE??? I LOVE BABY HATS!!!!!!

Julie Kohl said...

I am so proud of you, my homemaker, dot. The pics are lovely and you are my inspiration. I love you.
Yo Mama