Monday, February 9, 2009

Chocolate coconut almond bars

I haven't been making much effort to write lately.  But, I was sitting here at the computer nibbling on my new favorite treat and thought that I needed to share them.
Check out these 'power bars'!  They are oh-so-yummy and totally give me that "fix" when I need a sweet treat (which is far too often).  Thankfully, the ingredients are everything that I keep in my pantry on a regular basis - so I can whip these up anytime.  This last time I made them, I didn't want to use all of my precious raw almonds, so I made a mixture of almonds, walnuts, and sunflower seeds and they turned out great.
This is a great blog btw, and even though I am not gluten-intolerant, she has some fun creative recipes.

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Lacey said...

Hmmm.. sounds DELICOUS... however the link isn't working?! It very well could be my stupid computer, but perhaps you could check or send me the web-address, cause these sound heavenly and I'd like to try them!!