Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Officially a Bad Day

It's 1:39 pm and it's officially a bad day already.

First off, I fed some 3 minute cooked egg yolk to Vienne this advised in 'Nourishing Traditions' and from other sources.  I was very hopeful with this venture.  But, it quickly turned sour as V broke out with an allergic rash all over her face...wherever the yolk touched!!  Freaked me out!  I made Mark come home from work...we just sat and stared at her, watching her breathe making sure nothing else reacted.  I just wish that NT would advise that eggs are among the top 8 allergens for babies!!  Of course, I didn't know this until afterwards when I was frantically searching the net for what to do and info on it.  Thank the Lord Jesus is was only superficial.  The rash soon faded and she was acting completely normal within an hour.  But nonetheless....
So, this is just a 'heads up' for all you moms who haven't gotten to solids with your baby yet. I would WAIT to try egg yolk!

Well, thennn...I was in the midst of preparing some raspberry muffins to bake...yum.  I had soaked the flour overnight, last night, and whipped up the rest of the ingredients 
and slipped them into the excited to try them for the first time.  While they were baking, Vienne reminded me that it was her nap time and time to eat.  Of course the timer went off while I was preparing her, so I brought her with me to the kitchen to remove the muffins before soothing her to sleep.  Let's just say - crying baby in one arm, oven mitt on the other, trying to remove a full muffin tin from a hot oven is NOT a good combination.  The entire baking tin fell out of my hands, flopped upside down, and exploded raspberry muffins all over the oven door, the cabinets, and the floor.  Of course, I had to put my immediate angers aside so that I could calmly soothe my baby to sleep before picking up that horrific mess.  Grrrrrr....

Lastly, I found out some scary news about an acquaintance of ours.  She had her 2nd baby this past Sunday.  This morning she was taken back  into the hospital for an emergency procedure because spinal fluid was leaking into her system!  As it turns out, this is from her epidural injection.  Very scary there for a moment, but I hear she is doing fine now.  
But, this just confirms, to me, why it is best to not be drugged during labor.  I had always read about other side effects of epidurals, like:
-babies come out a bit groggy and especially fussy because they, too, have been drugged.  The epidural hits your baby's system as well as yours.
-Some are linking epidurals to autism.
And now I hear this news...that it can possibly cause spinal leakage!  Hello?!!  I strongly urge all mothers-to-be to FULLY research EVERYthing that is related to having a baby.  Not just listening to what your doctor says (I, personally, do not trust doctors).  But it is important to ask questions and look at both sides!  How did using an epidural come about?  What are the side affects?  Why would you compromise you and your baby with any of those side affects? What is pitocin? What does it actually do to your body?  
Read up!  You will be grateful that you did!

Well, anyway, let me end this post on a good note.  Even though this is somewhat of a rough day, I do know that this, too, is a day that the Lord has made.

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers {and sisters}, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 
because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.  
Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete 
not lacking anything."  
~James 1:2


Anonymous said...

ahhhh...I knew there were going to be "good" things on your list...even on this official "bad day". Yes, God made the day and all that was in it, V got through the reaction with no further side effects (THANK YOU JESUS!). Now only if Ruby were there to clean up those muffins...... ;o)
I love you, my daughter, my friend, my inspiration.
~Yo Mama

Pink Dogwood said...

I just made some raspberry muffins - I'll save two for you!! What an awful day - but I see James is quite relevant for you, huh? Can't wait to talk more about it when I get back.