Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a few things 'bout me...

ok...you got me.  i'll give in and take part in these little 'get to know each other' games.  in response to a few other lists i've already read, here is mine.  a list of 20 random things about me.

1.  i am an artist at heart.  i can paint and sketch fairly well...though i rarely do.
2.  i cannot stand mushrooms.  yuck!  i know that they are slugs that have crawled up on my plate!
3.  if i could go back to school i would either get my masters in teaching or become a doula (a birthing assistant)
4.  i dream of having a full garden of my own...to have immediate access to organic produce...though, I have absolutely no interest in tending it.
5.  i prefer to drive a stickshift...but had to finally give that up for a mommy-mobile.
6.  i love talking about the topics that most people are uncomfortable talking about. (poop, sex... to name a few)
7.  i have modeled nude for a professional painter friend.  (shhh...don't tell.  nobody reads this thing anyway).
8.  i am shy in large crowds and outgoing in small ones.
9.  i am deathly afraid of snakes and deep dark waters.
10. i love every season - sunshine, falling leaves, snow, and blooming buds.
11. i enjoy questioning the norm and researching for my own answers in how to live.
12. i love the star wars and jaws movies...the inner geek.
13. i won 1st place in a gymnastics competition when i was 12.  and it ended there.
14. i like to do daredevil things and shock people who think i'm so demure.
15. i am completely ignorant about politics.
16. i love sushi.
17. i want to someday live in a small intentional community that shares a sustainable farm...gardening together, eating together, working together, worshiping together, and growing our families together.
18. quality time with friends is far more important to me than gifts or other languages of love.
19. i hate to be late and pride myself in sticking to commitments.
20. i am too honest for my own good.  can you tell?

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Lacey said...

Mmmmm... sushi. Can we go get Sushi next time we hang out?!