Monday, January 19, 2009

God's Good Gifts

One of our 'bathroom readers' is a small Max Lucado book titled Grace for the Moment.  I was reading the thought for the day, last week,which was titled 'God's Good Gifts'.  It was a wonderful little reminder of how God is always there for us to bless us and comfort us...if we would only receive it.  How easily I take these things for granted.  How far away I continue to let myself drift.  How faithful and patient He is with me~

He has sent His angels to care for you, His Holy Spirit to dwell in you, His church to encourage you, and His word to guide you...
Anytime you speak, He listens;  make a request and He responds.
He will never let you be tempted too much or stumble too far.
Let a tear appear on your cheek, and He is there to wipe it.
Let a love sonnet appear on your lips, and He is there to hear it.
As much as you want to see Him, He wants to see you more...

I decided to add in a few of my own~

When I feel alone, He is waiting to be my friend...and reveals to me what friends I do have.
When I am angry, He is patient and gentle and doesn't hold it against me.
When I worry, He shows me that there is nothing to worry about.
When I am fearful, He fills my head with songs and shows me how protected I really am.
When I am exhausted, He reminds me of my amazing husband who is so eager to serve.
When our budget is tight, He still allows us to eat wonderful foods and live in a warm home.
When I am frustrated, He quickly shows me how great I really have it.
When I am discouraged as a new mother, He shows me how incredible my 
little baby really is.
When I am critical of myself, He brings about small encouragements through kind words.
And when I drift far away He is always right there, waiting to receive me, no matter what.

"Every good action and every perfect gift is from God."
James 1:17


Pink Dogwood said...

What an encouraging post, J. Thanks for sharing it...

Lacey said...


Julie Kohl said...

I love you, my daughter, my friend. You are my inspiration...did you know that?
Yo Mama